What’s this all about? The EarthMovers material helps young people to create solutions to local and global issues. We provide the info they need to get started. And from there, they get to choose their own project (with the help of a teacher or responsible adult). For you as the adult, there is no signing-up to be a 'presenter'. There is no training program. The Thinkers Keys are used to help the students with their thinking. All material for EarthMovers is provided free, and without IP or any restricting conditions.
Here’s how Rosie used the Thinkers Keys for her EarthMover’s project
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Facilitator Notes Some hints on making the most of this Stage 1 session.
A Master Sheet of the 20 Thinkers Keys This is an optional extra, and is used if you wish to build in some intensive planning processes.
Why not try some crowdfunding? Use the kidsgive.org site to set up a project
Constant Finetuning. Trials have been conducted in Australia and New Zealand, with further programs planned for Singapore and the Middle East. Here’s a photo of the participants in one of our trial days in Brisbane.
I began my teaching career using the first version of the Thinkers Keys and found them incredibly useful for getting the students thinking in innovative ways. I found out about the next edition of the Thinkers Keys at a course and immediately ran a staff development afternoon at my school to inform them of the changes. We ordered a set for every teacher in the school. These Thinkers Keys are excellent for applying to problem solving situations and we even used them as a staff to solve problems within the school! – Jackie Wilkinson, Teacher, DET NSW Used Thinkers Keys Cards by @aussietony with Year 4 as they invent their own sport. Powerful stuff! Adrian Torrese, Teacher and DP, CEO Perth WA The Thinkers Keys allow you as a teacher to tweak them and make them useful for your classroom.  Just stay true to what they ask the students to do so that they keep their power.  I could go on forever about how powerful the Keys in combination with technology are as learning tools.  They don’t just help the students learn the content in the classroom.  They help them prepare for life in our competitive society.  They prepare them to be our future leaders and thinkers of the digital age.    Brooke Hagler, Teacher, Coal Mountain. Georgia Got intro'd to Orig. ThinkersKeys as a student. I have been #obsessed ever since and now teach it to K-Gr4. Sandra Pozzobon, Educator, Toronto
Facilitator Notes More hints on presenting this session as effectively as possible.
Tony Ryan
Thinkers Keys author Tony Ryan offers support throughout the world to educators and students. This work focuses on thinking skills, and on the effective use of digital tools to enhance learning. tonyryan.com.au
PowerPoint slides for the facilitator These are designed to reinforce on the material that you facilitate. 
EarthMovers basic description A quick overview sheet if you want to tell others about what you’re doing.
Powerful Futures
An Overview There are three clear stages for the students when they use this program: Stage 1 A teacher or other responsible adult will run a 30-min session with the students, and help them to choose their project. In our trials, we have found that this Stage is the critical point. It gets them thinking; and you then give them a week to decide. Stage 2 About a week later, student teams (with 4 or 5 members each) attend a 90-min workshop that will be facilitated by the same teacher or instructor. Stage 3 They will then work on their project. In our trials, we found that the project timeframe can vary from a single day, to more than three months (but usually more towards the latter). How do I get started? It's pretty easy. You don't sign up for anything. You don't provide your details. You simply make use of the materials that have been provided. And here they are:
Our consultancy services offer many exciting future-proofing strategies that help children and adults to cope with rapidly changing times. powerfulfutures.com
Intro letter for students An invitation letter to students when you’re wanting to get them interested.
What They’re About.  Welcome to an exciting framework for the teaching of thinking to young people.The Thinkers Keys are twenty powerful strategies for generating quality thinking in many learning situations. They were written explicitly for 8 to 14 year-olds, although they have often been used used in classrooms for 5 year-olds, and also in senior school, university and business environments.
PowerPoint slides for the facilitator This is for open display to the students during the session; and to help keep you on track with the process.
Q2. What sort of content is available in the program? A.  1.The 20 Thinkers Keys – each has a full description; and a short video to explain its application 2.Five pre-set Thinking Sequences that can be automatically set up to use in many different learning experiences 3.200 activities that help you to specifically practise with the Thinkers Keys4.120 Global Activities that generate lots of creative and critical responses
Q3. Who specifically uses this program? A.  We have found that 3 groups make use of the Thinkers Keys: 1. Teachers. Who present specific lessons screened up on a SmartBoard or a projector 2. Students. Who use it on their laptop / desktop / netbook / I-Pad to organise their thinking during any learning process 3. Parents. Who want to give explicit support to encourage their children to think more effectively.
The EarthMovers Project sheet This is the basic organising sheet, and will be used by the Student Teams to plan their project details.
Q4. Is it possible to have large groups of students using the Thinkers Keys? A.  Yes, in two ways. One: The site licence is for Windows systems, and can be placed on every computer in a school, without exception. And Two: The I-Pad app is available for bulk purchases, which can be negotiated directly with Apple.
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What the world needs now... is more inspired thinking.  And the Thinkers Keys can help children to do just that! EndFragment